2013 Thank You List

Putting together a diverse event takes a lot of coordination and planning. Without our volunteers and the support of the people and organizations listed below, none of this would be possible. So, we thank you and everyone who come out Mocktoberfest 2013 to support our cause, making it possible to reach our goal and having a positive effect on the community.

Event Hosts

Our Volunteers and Contributors

Event Staff & Contributors
  • Brad Sears: Technical support (2013)
  • Dante: Zine Library Host at 617 Marin Street, Vallejo, CA & Art Show Contributor
  • Desmond Crisis: Radio support, art show contributor
  • Dr. G: Gathering of the Tribes Producer, Zine Library Coordinator
  • Elaine Brown: Senior Liaison for Vallejo School District
  • Faye Carnell: Audio for Doc and Photographer
  • James Kern: Mocktoberfest art show contributor and documentary interviewee
  • Jen Cabrillo: Senior stills photographer (Official Doc photographer)
  • Jesse: Mocktoberfest documentary interviewee
  • Jim Sheehan: Lighting Technician at the Empress Theatre
  • Karimah Karah: Liaison for the Mira Theatre Guild
  • Mark Martin: Art Show Curator & Contributor
  • Patrick Corona: Stage Hand and Edge Casting
  • Seth Kaos: Senior Technical Advisor for A/V
  • Shaana Keller: Senior Fundraiser/Stage Manager at all ages shows
  • S. N. Jacobson snjacobson.com
  • Tony Schroom: Guitar-maker, Schroom Custom Guitar Works
Community Support