Our Mission

Our goal is to raise money for 10 kids ages 12 to 18, chosen by lottery, to be provided an instrument and 10 lessons in the style of music that they choose.  Our program is already working with area businesses, music teachers, administrators, professionals, and is building partnerships in order to provide music education free of charge to children who will be drawn from a lottery and are offered a place in the program.  We are passionate about making high caliber musicians and instruments accessible to Vallejo’s youth to inspire and excite the creative, positive energy in our city.

The Mock Turtle

Mocktoberfest uses the image of the mock turtle as a reference to punk’s birth and evolution over the decades. In Victorian times, turtle soup was a rich man’s delicacy.  Those who couldn’t afford real turtle soup, used cheaper, more available beef as a substitute, and the result was called “mock turtle soup.”

Lewis Carroll, in his classic Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, created the Mock Turtle character. In his story, the Mock Turtle is part cow and part turtle.  He lives a sad existence, his speech punctuated with sighs and groans, and his eyes constantly full of tears. The Gryphon shares with Alice that the Mock Turtle isn’t really sad, he just thinks he’s sad, “It’s all his fancy, that: he hasn’t got no sorrow, you know….  ‘Once,’ said the Mock Turtle at last, with a deep sigh, ‘I was a real Turtle.’”

In the genre’s infancy, punk rock was referred to as “mock rock.”  The term came from punk’s reputation for mocking authority and challenging the corporate music business.  So, we think it fitting that “Mocky,” our image of the Mock Turtle, be the face of Mocktoberfest.

Mocky the Mock Turtle