Mocktoberfest 2014 is Saturday, October 25, 2014 at The Mira Theatre Guild Bay Terrace Theater at 51 Daniels Ave in Vallejo, CA 94590. For more details see out event info page.

Mocktoberfest: An All-Ages Halloween-Themed Music Event to Benefit Music Programs in Vallejo, CA. This year’s theme is Day of the Dead. Our partner, Solano AIDS Coalition (SAC), will be onsite doing spectacular face and body painting for Mocktoberfest attendees and all donations will go toward their AIDS outreach programs.

Mocktoberfest features music from the darker side of rock and punk. Bands are handpicked and the event is always carefully curated to deliver a quality experience. It’s an all-ages show to ensure our youth, and the under-served punk rock ethnic class, have full access to high quality entertainment in the area. No alcohol is served and the show ends promptly at 10 pm.

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    The Empress Theatre marquee lights up the street.
    photo credit: Calibree
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    nSLASHa’s breathtaking performance at the Empress Theatre
    photo credit: Calibree
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    King Loses Crown at the Empress Theatre
    photo credit: Calibree
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    Death Valley High at the Empress Theatre
    photo credit: Calibree
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    Jesus and the Dinosaurs plays the Empress Theatre
    photo credit: Calibree
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    Front and center at the Bay Terrace (Mira) Theatre
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    A locally-made electric guitar from Schroom Guitarworks was raffled to support the Mocktoberfest Music Program.
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    In the studio with FCCFree Radio SF The Unbound Sound Show
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